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How to order

Mgr. Inna Biriulina


Of course, you can. We always have some models that we can show you, so that you can have a better idea of what we are offering. Send us an e-mail or call us and we will certainly make an arrangement.  


We accept payments on our bank account. You can send money by bank transfer and we also send clothes using the PPL cash on delivery services.  
Another option is to come personally to Prague 9 and to make the cash payment here. 

Yes, we do. We will be glad to send your dresses abroad.  

We will sew the dresses and send them to you within 5-6 weeks. If there is not so much time left before your wedding, we can sew the dresses in a shorter timeframe. It is preferable to indicate us, in your order –using the field Remarks-, when the wedding will take place and we will handle things in such a way that you can be sure to be receiving your wedding dress on time. 

Yes, this is our guarantee to you. Actually, many brides say that the dresses look even better in reality than on the pictures. 

The prepayment is always 50 % of the total price. 

 In both cases, we will make the adjustment for free. 






You can select the model you wish from our catalog.

Since 2016, there is a webshop focused on dresses that you can find by visiting the following webpages : www.IvaDias.cz

On sale, there are dresses that can be used for all occasions: weddings, parties, proms, with on top, an offer of the right accessories.

Dresses from famous brands and designers, perfectly sewn, which will fit to your figure, thanks to many years of experience and professionalism.

Dresses ordered in our e-shop are sold at good prices, they are made from high quality textiles and knit to fight you. Even if during the wedding chaos, you were to loose weight, you can come any time to visit us in Prague and we will accordingly make the right adjustment. The service is free of charge.

We sew dresses in 5-6 weeks. When ordering clothes, we will need to know your size (basic information: chest, waist, hips and length) and you will have to pay a deposit of 50% of the total contract amount.

The remaining 50% will be paid once the clothes will be ready for you to pick them up.

Corsets under the dresses are elaborated up to the smallest details, in accordance with your figure, so you will feel comfortable and your look will be graceful and perfect.

You can take your body measurements all by yourself. Three measures are essential, it is the chest,waist and hip circumference. It is better to have the help of a second person to do the measurement or to do it in front of a mirror. According to the dimensions obtained, you will be able to determine your size.

The next important thing is the length of the skirt, from the waist to the floor, with heels and a petticoat (if you have one).

Another important value is the height of the heels (especially when sewing lace dresses or dresses with lace trims at the bottom of the skirt).

The price of the dresses will be depending on the complexity of the order, for example, if the request is to sew dresses in a short period of time.

When sewing wedding dresses from a picture submitted to us, the price of sewing will be 500 EUR plus material. Usually, it is a unique dress, and therefore the price will be higher than the price of clothes from a catalog. Usually, it is necessary, when performing this kind of sewing,  to try it on, two times, with heels.

 Prices of evening dresses and corsets start at 150€.

If you have decided to have a tailor-made dress, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

If you order your tailor-made dress with us, you will be the most charming, unique and attractive.




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